Goody! Goody!

It seems ever more increasingly important for me

to return to the natural rhythm, to the natural blend

where I can say AMEN to every one, to every moment;

THAT ‘it’ seems unconditional;

that experience seems natural and (w)holy;

that moment seems FIAT, a Let-It-Be for me;

no longer hard UP; no longer tempted

by some other moment. No!

THAT moment has become JUST, RIGHT and

okay for me, where alone for me is

just what the doctor ordered to help me

to accept IT in all its complex demands

and realities and FACETS. Yes,

then my journey becomes the DIAMOND that it can be.  

But, how do I create that consciousness

which is TRUE to ALL the fac(e)ts of LIFE, including DEATH?



Because there, in that moment,

in that consciousness, IT truly IS;

there, IT reveals “IT” self to me (to us);

there, is the G-od, where, when we accept

it unconditionally,

we are (w)holy. Yes,

that special IT is free and just and right for all of creation

and YOU and I are a central part. There….

Yes, there…. IT is ‘I AM’ and ‘WHO AM’ (YOU).

IT is YOU and I and YOU are G-od Go-d,

Goody! Goody!

For us all.

But, that IT is not always calm, easy going, smooth etc.

as the wind blows where it will, as the sea and

as the Spirit of life is natural-ly cyclical,

where cold changes to hot

and clear to cloudy

and calm to stormy. Yes,

G-ody Go-dy is only (w)holy when

all of those facets are accepted in fiat

and I am alone with You

moment after moment,

time after time,

cycle after cycle:

cold, caliente,

clear, cloudy,

calm, colicky.

2018.0705.0710 ©

Fertile Failure

Yet just as from the heavens

the rain and snow come down

And do not return there

till they have watered the earth,

making it fertile and fruitful,

Giving seed to the one who sows

and bread to the one who eats,

So shall my word be

that goes forth from my mouth;

It shall not return to me empty,

but shall do what pleases me,

achieving the end for which I sent it

Isaiah 55.

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Matthew 13

Birds ate the seed on the path.

Sun scorched the seed on the rocks.

Thorns choked the seed among them.

Fruit was produced by the seed in the rich soil. 

Haunting Faith

What have I let go?

What bridges have I burned?

What love or life that was meant

for me somewhere,

have I somehow foolishly spurned?

There is no answer to such a question.

There is no lesson to be learned.

There is only that which is available always.

There is only the Spirit discerned.