No Yes Mystery

The yesses and the noes float merrily by

As I try me each day more to live than to die

While with the thought of the good and the evil I vie

In a relative personal way.


The circles turn quickly around God, you and me

And the glimpses of faith, hope and charity

As I try with my best the whole picture to see

While my senses cling close here today.


What ‘yes’ may bring pain undesired?

What ‘no’ keep me too much here mired?

How come me to choose more inspired?

That life will more linger and stay.


Ah, therein lies the dilemma not moot;

What life and what death does me suit?

As the yesses and the noes I recruit

From the center while the edges I fray;


In pleasures too blind for the journey,

In journeys too distant and wide,

In battles too close to the struggle within

That I cannot in clarity decide.


So living and dying keep passing

And God keeps on being everlasting

While my self I am forging and casting

By the yesses and the noes that I try.

2012.04.22.1000 ©

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