My Present to YOU

The spirituality of playing games is the means by which the soul matures in the solitary journey

“IT” travels on the way to finding a YOU with WHOm said soul can live forever.

“IT finds YOU”

The beloved finds the BelovED ,

The BEloved finds the BElover:

being-for-itself* finds being-in-itself*

and vice versa.

IT is the dance of the soul with the Present which IT is given (by (all of) YOU)

So YOU is revealing ITself and Loving ITself at the same time.

BEloved and BElover become ONE and GoOD is NOW: a Present with which and with whom we can live alone forever.

Then and only then do we find an other (YOU) (ganz andere) (total Other) worthy of our death,

Then we can and we will die properly.

202112121800 Fiat mihi. Ancilla Domini. Hineni! Hineni!

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