Color by Number Years

Another year!   2018

The numbers have changed and are,

it seems, so much a bigger deal than

the passing months, days or hours.

For the images contained therein,

those memory of years,

have time and space

to develop and to flower into

pictures that stay and

pictures that color

the changing numbers on the inside,

as well as the outside.

Who we are takes on new hues;

more than dark and light,

more than black and white,

more than me, my, mine or I;

more like we, ours, us or Thine.

Hues that stay and hues that play

with a life that is more Forever;

more than his-story;

more than her-story;


Not a poor-trait but a landscape

full of seasons

of life and death,

of heat and ice,

of comedy and tragedy;

seasons of solitude

made more real

by the fights we face,

moment by moment,

day by day,

month by month: years,

years that are, for us,

colored together.


+Marion+ +1 year+ +RIP+

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