Christ Alive

I think I am alive.

So now what can I do?

I think I will,

I feel I must

Begin to look at you.

You are easier to see

Than to turn vision back at me

Unless I want the object

More a deity to be.

In that case, you are distraction

And myself is more attraction

Since you become more a fraction

While I represent a whole.

But the world is so much greater

Than my sense of who I am,

So I glory in the wonder

And I try to understand

That someone cared about creation

And still loves each precious life

That returns itself to resurrection

After any suffering, death or strife.

That is holy!

That is sacred!

That must need to be adored!

It is where the likes of you and I and we are moving toward.

Toward each other,

Yet still alone,

Where salvation by a cross is shown

When God and man in us is known

As incarnate reality.


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