Eternal Past

You’ll have to wait until I’m gone to read what has been written

Through all the times, by all the things, in which I have been smitten

Or else I will reveal too much, my soul, which remains hidden

To outside forces influence by which it may be bitten.

But I will give you what it takes to think about the source

That contemplates the pilgrimage and what becomes its course

When you would choose a lesser good or maybe something worse

That will the end conversion need wrapped up in deep remorse.

Yesterday’s gone, it’s a memory, but it will never be forgot;

Tomorrow is a dream that no one has seen,

It is nothing.

It is nowhere.

It is not what this moment holds In the solitude

You find in the center of your being within

Where the Spirit and Truth of Eternity

Helps you stop what around you would spin

In constant soul-less distraction,

In mind-less and sense-less attraction,

With only a sad satisfaction

That is remembered in the silence as sin.

STOP! This moment is forever.

LOOK! You are more than you know.

LISTEN! We are fading into yesterday

Where, when you’re gone, will you go?

To that past which is cast now in shadows?

Or that pleasure which is measured now in pain?

Because good always turns up much too relative

When we’re counting on the way we play the game.

The rules in stone have long ago been cast

And nothing but the Christ will save or last

When everything is history and is the past

Eternity will still remain the same.


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