Greeting A New Day

I see a day when the night will surround me

With a light that my soul longs to see.

I pray I might hold the fight still within me

So the Christ would my being there find free.

Holy night!

Sacred light!

What a battle!

Where I lose any sense when I choose

All the times when that secret enchantment

Is not clear but too mortally bemused.

Yes, till then I must hold on to that yearning

In a prayer that I keep near the heart

That forever more will keep my soul a burning

Till the end when the Spirit in me will start

And I’ll cling to that vision oh so fleeting

And prepare for the Truth that I will meet

That will keep in me the faithfulness still beating

For the Maker of the glory I will greet.

2012.04.03.0400 ©

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