Painful Wisdom

The personal experience of life

Is suffering, pain, death and strife;

It makes all the movements to pleasure and people

Seem silly forays into light

From the darkness of human existence,

From the Unknown that covers so much,

From the folly we cling to in turning to others

And our faith that their presence could touch

The solitude in the silence within us,

The fear of the child there too,

The need for a love that can never be sated

By the brokenness of me and of you.


So we wander about through the circles

That would change our perspective for a time

Never able to look at the Truth that is calling

That’s the cross, which is personal and mine.


Come prayer, which I find so elusive.

Come faith in a Savior and a God.

Come let me see true joy in the departing journey

And no inclination to feel sick or feel sad.

Give me strength that is based on the knowledge

That everything passes away

And the wisdom that nothing ever finds its true heaven

While it clings and it too long here stays.


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