Grief Stages

I let you hurt me and take my very life

From within to a humbler place;

Now I am broken more, in need of a doctor,

And the ACCEPTANCE and resigning spiritual grace

That will lead me again to holy communion

And a prayer for the pain of this cross

Which I hope will come too with a blessing

To replace what seems now such a loss.

Understanding is the focus most precious

Yet the commodity that cannot be seen

When the blindness and the SADNESS is upon me

And the experience so new and so green.

Help me pray!

Help me past all my ANGER.

Keep me loving and open to all.

Let me walk to the gallows or through the fire of the battle

With my soul still in the Spirit standing tall.

Only You, God of Life, can accomplish

What we creatures quickly lose in the trial

Just as long as we stay close to Your assurance

And not lose faith in the BARGAINING or the DENIAL.

2012.04.18.0900 ©

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