5.Test Run

What answers don’t come because I talk and I run

Through the silence

And the solitude

And the dark?


I am too numb to what is real to Eternal.

I have become ornamental at best,

Thinking I am alive in how I live and I thrive

At the hands of another’s behest.


What questions will start my soul living?

What darkness must I travel alone?

Before I find home

In a silent atonement

To mark all of the spaces I’ve roamed.


The end will answer all of the questions

So why do I seek out their call,

But that they are the strain on the likes of my brain

In the weakness and the folly of the fall

From the graces I could have held dearly

Except for the stain in my eye

That was planted by an evil whisper in the darkness

Which became the God-killing lie.


Remind me sweet Jesus of the journey!

Awaken the hope in my breast!

That I be forever in silence and solitude

Until I pass through the ultimate test.


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