1.Fool’s Goal

I thought I died yesterday

And the day before that

But I forgot in the interval

As I learned to stand pat

On the fat of the land

Or the crack of the bat

On the pitches life had tossed my way.


I am a hit with no stain

On life’s rosy parade.

I am cozy in the roses

As a sweet barricade

Against the poor and the ugly

I am proper and staid

I ride tall in the saddle and play.


It’s no problem to overcome

Either darkness or night

I just open my mouth

And the demons take flight

When I want them to bow

I just make it my right

And the world becomes happy and gay.


What a ship sailing into a tempest!

What a storm brewing on the high sea!

What disaster awaiting the fool there on board!

What a bolt from the blue, the fool’s me!


Death is always my steady companion

It is ready each moment to bite

As I cling like a king to the material world

While the dark and the unknown I fight.


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