It scares me to think of what I really need

When my life I plot and plan and scheme and wend

Through the Spirit that I must see in my compromise with death

That will be the Truth in which the end my mind must bend.

You would take from me my sense of sweet communion

As you would leave me all alone to find my God

When the cross to my salvation is the light which is the beacon

And I stumble through the lessons I must plod.

Yes, it’s alone that leads the way through the confusion

And it’s alone that in my folly I would fight,

So I turn myself to prayer and I thank and praise my God

For the wonder of the silence of the night

That would wash the sin of doubt with quiet darkness,

That would mix my pride with the wisdom of the child,

That would leave me with a hope beyond the moment

And would heal this broken vessel so defiled

Because it does not long hold to the good and holy

And needs more than it would choose to stay therein

For it is too much compromised by the thought that it has the knowledge

That is really just its weakness and its sin.

Oh, forgive me cherished life that makes everything complete

Yet moves so quickly through my mind and past my eyes,

Let me take the pains of heaven’s admonitions

And let me never what is holy compromise.


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