3.Wounded Knees

Most people cannot be saved.

Their lives and their beds have been made.

The sins that they’ve chosen

Have endeared them to others

Where the ultimate goodness has caved

To the vision of their blinded eyes

And the comfort there within its lies

Where what’s seen and what’s heard

Is a compromised Word

That’s composed more of dirt

And that dies.


There is only one Truth and one Love.

It resides not therein or thereof

To the world made of flesh

Or the mind or the devil

But in the Light and the Good from Above.


So I leave now the saving to Jesus.

Let His Cross talk to each one of us.

I have turned enough circles

Round the journey we wander

To have tired of this too human stuff.


We are all on our own wounded pilgrimage.

We will see what we’ve decided to see

And I can no longer look at the illusions presented

But must pray, beat my breast and bend my knee.


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