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1 Peter 2 4-5

“Come to Him,

To that living stone,

Rejected by men

But in God’s sight chosen and precious;

And like living stones

Be yourselves built into a spiritual house,

To be a holy priesthood,

To offer spiritual sacrifices

Acceptable to God, through Jesus Christ.”




In the midst of all of the influences on our lives,

the world and the flesh and the devil,

we must in time run them through and sort them out

and in the process

we must find,

we must heed,

we must follow

the Soul

that is in touch with the eternal G-od

as it was before man found his way

 to seek the knowledge between good and evil

that would leave him a disordered world

which required Love Itself to correct

by taking on the fallen flesh

and resurrecting it to its former state

by the process of suffering and dying

a cross

that we all

must sort out,

must find,

must heed,

must follow,

and must share

with the God made man who started it all

and who ends it all.

This site will attest to

those influences,

the struggle to sort them out,

the quest for the soul,

the battle with the disorder,

the search for God and man,

the acceptance and rejection of the cross

and the faith that it all requires.






It is the journey of a soul;

Struggling to be free;

To see itself

In a world in which

There is no reflection for it;

Where the death it experiences

In that world

Is the loss of its own light;


So accustomed it becomes to it

That it learns all too well

How to kill itself;

How to give up its reflection,

Its vision of itself.


But it fights and it claws its way

Through a tiny sense of self


Reborn with each pilgrimage

Into night and darkness;

So that it learns

To refuse to be substance,

To refuse to be stone,

To want only to breathe and

To feel itself alive

In a universe of creation

Full of life, evolving

Within the love of a creator.


This soul is what must win in the end

If life is to persist.


The world that can reflect no light

Will remain in its own darkness;

The stone that will have no part

Of consciousness

Will await its return to the life cycle;

The life cycle will welcome every soul

That seeks its reflection and its light

In the creative source and

The redemptive force

Of being.


I call that creative source, God.

I call that redemptive force,

The Anointed, the Christ, the Son of God.


And love?

Love is the Spirit

Within and around and about them;

The reflection of which

Is sought by my soul.


To that end, I pray;

I struggle with my inclinations

To conflict and to sin;

I learn the necessity and the value

Of the cross;

I die to my own substance and

To the substance of the world; and

I live in the spirit of love

As I find it.


It is our pilgrimage.

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A. M. D. G.

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