Willful Child

It has taken years of folly, loss and brokenness

To admit how much our human lot is such a mess

And to bow before a God where I can confess

That I am lost and in need of the smallest consideration.


So poor,

So orphaned,

Such an helpless child,

Without what is Good

I am lost and defiled.

I am sinful and willful and spoiled and wild.

I need taming and an holy admonition.


Where I see with the eyes of one healed and made whole

And I feel from the innocence and the depth of my soul

When I return to the Garden that my sin and pride stole

Where I can kneel as an act of contrition.


Oh give me the blessing.

Oh give me the grace.

That I can what is the Truth of this mortal life face,

That I can lose what is sinful and harmful and base

And turn to Good with humble volition.

2012.05.18.0900 ©

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