Center Circle


Nothing works to slow down the cycles that keep turning around in my brain,

Except maybe for a time when I’ve spent myself and the forces of my energy drain;

So I look at them turning recurrently,

And I rue and I magnify them alternatively,

All the while praying for some vision objectively

That the graces of perspective I’d gain.

No struggle is worth losing the peace

And our appetites never will cease

While no other can one always please

Except when we fall down on our knees

To give it all up to release

As mortal, just passing and vain.

My folly is the focus of the spin

And it moves from about to within

As I find me a comfortable sin

To ease what would to me seem pain.

Yes, the circles they never do wane

And are at once a pleasure and bane

Because deep in the center remains

Only being, in silence, the soul.

2012.03.27.0700 ©

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