Christ, The Dawn

I am sitting here facing the East;

Awaiting the sun’s daily feast to waken me

From this torment of darkness

And silence the tyrant, the beast.


Ah, there is the first hint of color apart from the vacuum of black;

A grey kind of hue, an hint of a blue to open my heart but a crack

From solitude, suffering and sorrow

To a dawn whose today I can borrow

To stop all the pain of yesterday’s rain

For a glimpse of what’s now as tomorrow.


Come gather, you forces of light.

Come save me, come give me new sight;

That I rather look to the beauty about,

Not past deep within but the present without,

Overwhelming all negative moments of doubt

In the hope of unending life;


Where love and where faith shine forever,

Not a cycle that comes and that goes

But more of a seed that expands and that breeds

So creation might all come to know

That Christ is the Name of our Savior,

That He is I am for us all,

That we overcome all the forces of evil

And that the darkness in us would be small


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