My Present to YOU

The spirituality of playing games is the means by which the soul matures in the solitary journey

“IT” travels on the way to finding a YOU with WHOm said soul can live forever.

“IT finds YOU”

The belovED finds the Beloved ,

The BeLoved finds the BE Loved:

being-for-itself* finds being-in-itself*

and vice versa.

IT is the dance of the soul with the Present which IT is given (by (all of) YOU)

So YOU is revealing ITself and Loving ITself at the same time.

Beloved and BE loved become ONE and GoOD is NOW: a Present with which and with whom we can live alone forever.

Then and only then do we give to an other (YOU) (ganz andere; total Other) worthy of our death,

Then we can and we will die properly.

202112121800 Fiat mihi, ancilla domini. Hineni! Hineni!

Death Wish

Thanksgiving is the greatest grace and blessing for the spiritual and physical health of any pilgrim pace intent on a heavenly goal. IT together with YOU is the face meant for the Eternal date of the soul.



I was never true friend to YOU.
How could I be?
What with all of my hiding?
Hiding in dark places and
Playing there with others
Seeking to do the same.
YOU were only the One
Who for a few brief moments
Took from me
The nagging
Remembrance of the
Shame and
The ragging tagging of the
Blame game.
That sounds like
Christ! Jesus!
What a friend
By any name.


Re View

The only life that can or will be true after wandering through IT Alone is the listening for every cue and the searching of every clue for the likes of YOU hiding in the silent darkness.


Love Clue

How many moments in the end will turn out to have been false, how many will have been eternal and true must be the difference between the moment’s intention: was IT lost in IT self or in YOU,

And the solution must lie in the sense of a mystery where every moment is realized as the clue: is IT staying for more than just a space in time or is IT simply leading us through IT self back to YOU.


Sabbathical Prayer

Prayer is

At its simplest:

Finding the

Darkness, the

Silence or the


To BE this moment,



Stranger to myself, like

Death and preoccupation with the

Health of the soul which

I trust will live forever.


PS I trust because I believe

I believe because

NOthing lasts forever



Sabbatical with YOU

Well, now

IT makes sense,

IT teaches me to reMEMBER:

Firstly, to be alone and

Secondly, how to be alone.


By getting LOST,

By getting lost in YOU.

Not just any old you


A YOU that is always NEW






As true as this moment

As this moment,

As this moment with YOU

As well as the little one

Which I just knew

And the next?

The little one which WE always knew;

And the difference?





HE rested.

Sabbath means “He rested”

Rested means the past,

The past creation ended


Had an END


So now;




IT creation WILL only be found

IT creation CAN only be found

IT creation IS only found In YOU.

If that ain’t death?

Nothing is.

That is,

IT creation being;

BEING lost to YOU

If that ain’t life?

YOU is not Eternally true.

Yes, THIS moment is both

Both death and life

IT is resignation TO

IT is creative new IN



IT is nothing therein;

Therein LIES

The paradoxical nature of our lives

As seen through the lens of our

Eden loss.

Ah, but NOT a loss

A gain;

“felix culpa”

Happy fault

Again and a gain


Because where would we be

Without that drama?

The drama that leads each little one

Back Back Back

Back to the heaven of ALL.

The heaven of All

Before the Fall

Saints be singing

Not clinging.

Yes, we cling to IT

Thereby rendering IT

UN creative and

We name IT alive

Instead of

New creative YOU


Once again,

Again and a gain

The value of

The SabbatHical prayer

The REST required

To remember the difference

The difference between IT and YOU.


There is more in there.

Let us keep in touch