Hill of Crosses

In the midst of all of the influences on our lives,

the world and the flesh and the devil,

we must in time

run them through and sort them out

and in the process we must

find, heed, and follow

the Soul

that is in touch with the eternal God

as it was before man found his way

to seek the knowledge between good and evil

that would leave him a disordered world

which required Love Itself to correct

by taking on the fallen flesh

and resurrecting it to its former state

by the process of suffering and dying

a cross

that we all must

sort out, find, heed, follow, and share

with the God made man who started it all

and who ends it all.

This site will attest to

those influences;

the struggle to sort them out,

the quest for the soul,

the battle with the disorder,

the search for God and man,

the acceptance and rejection of the cross

and the faith that it all requires.



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