I can never forget You.

You are a part of me.

Oh, why are You a part of me?

But, it is okay! You come and You go;

nothing permanent to interfere with my Love,

my new Love


without You,

Alone without You.

Oh, why must there always be

an Alone without You?


True Match

Bullied from the left.

Bullied from the right.

Bullied from every direction

until I see that

fight can only be

little wonder compared to

the precious sight when

I close my eyes and

I find I am with YOU Alone

who are the Light Forever Now

within any darkness and

within every night

that may come

my way in time.


Over the Fence

Can’t talk about suicide.

Can’t talk about sex.

Can’t talk about religion or

G-od or what in this strange world

is coming up next; yet

IT is always a sweet mix of love,

faith and politics by which

everyone of us is blessed,

from the days leading up to our conception,

in a moment of heated passion,

to some neighborly other

cleaning up the best and

the worst that is left 

for the rest of us

self professed guests

of this mess.


Winter Baggage

The journey to and through

the darkness of the winter solstice

is the wonder of the good we find within;

the blending of the self and community; and

the spiritual spin we settle upon

waiting for the madness of the moving orbs

to end in a new beginning

where we find which life would win

as we weather the cold that remains and

as the darkness would graciously thin

while we trustingly befriend the grace of the Light and

send the time without it packing until Spring.



The darkness is darker

in early December**,

like the middle of

the middle of the night;

like the depth of the

penury of the widow

residing in the faith of

the widow’s mite***;

like the Christmas

celebrated down under

amidst the warmth and

the vision and the light;

like the Christ

on the Cross with the eye

beyond the present veil and

with only Good Will in sight.







Some Lapse

The only respite we each have

from the broken community

around us in the day and the light

is the silence and the darkness

of the night. Yes, though

everyone knows this, each

secretly and foolishly forgets it

in the process of avoiding the solitude.

Alternatively, that lapse of consciousness

may inappropriately find itself

extending said brokenness

into the peace of the night

for some other forgetful foolish ones.